Coinsolette overview


Coinsolette aims to provide users unique insights based on data and algorithms supporting their investment decisions. Behind Coinsolette’s data operation lays an power algorithmic trading platform, built for processing complex quantitative trading algorithms, ensuring Coisnolette’s user with best possible opportunities.

All recommendations are unbiased and are automatically processed using our algorithms.

Coinsolette intends to build a community of traders interested on Cryptocurrency market and be a hub for them to gather and share their knowledge and experience. Coinsolette is a free tool.

We help investors make informed cryptocurrency trading decisions

Coinsolette vision

Our services consist of:

  • Real time price update of top cryptocurrencies in the market
  • Technical analysis on major cryptocurencies with indicators
  • Provide latest updates and information on the market via published articles
  • Market research and analysis 
  • Provide Arbitrage opportunities across exchanges